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+7 495 411-94-36 Moscow
+7 812 326-80-08 St.Petersburg
+7 843 200-94-66 Kazan
+7 8793 404-466 Pyatigorsk
+7 383 363-13-23 Novosibirsk
+7 343 286-83-94 Yekaterinburg
About the Center

TechnoProgress is the largest training center in Russia in the field of short and medium-term training in various lines of business.

Specialists, trained at the center, get all the benefits of a full-fledged professional education: sound theoretical knowledge, practical skills and, of course, the qualifications confirmed by governmentally issued identifications and certificates.

The teachers of the Center regularly improve their skills and take part in international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, which allows them to be aware of the latest trends in the field of industrial, environmental, fire and electrical safety, as well as in the field of construction, design and energy efficiency.

Customers opinions

We extend our respect to the company TechnoProgress and take this opportunity to express appreciation for the company's high level of professionalism in its genuine work. Your specialists promptly advised us on the important issues. We were very pleased to work with TechnoProgress. There is every reason to believe that our cooperation has good prospects for further development.

Our clients

We have successfully performed work at the facilities of the following companies

Juice producer "Gross-Nida", Kotelniki


"TMZ named after V.V.Vorovskogo" Tikhoretsk


Subsidiary of "Kirov Plant", "Locomotiv", St. Petersburg


OOO "Olzherasskoe shahtoprohodcheskoe upravlenie", Novokuznetsk