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+7 495 411-94-36 Moscow
+7 812 326-80-08 St.Petersburg
+7 843 200-94-66 Kazan
+7 8793 404-466 Pyatigorsk
+7 383 363-13-23 Novosibirsk
+7 343 286-83-94 Yekaterinburg

About us

We are the largest Russian company with a leading position in the market of services in the field of industrial and environmental safety, certification, energy audits, consulting and training for companies working almost in all industries. Since its foundation TeсhnoProgress has proved to be a reliable and competent expert center. We have managed to create a highly efficient structure that includes five specialized centers:

  • Assessment and Certification;
  • Energy Audits;
  • Diagnosis and Testing;
  • Environmental Safety;
  • Professional Training.

Today we provide more than 300 services in different areas. If you have a look at any facility of an oil and gas field, or if you any production shop of a large enterprise, or a construction site, or a laboratory or a business center - it is obvious that everywhere you will be able to find a whole range of services being provided by our company.

We are confident that the Group of Companies TechnoProgress provides significant benefits to its customers and provides a solid foundation for their growth.

One of the main priorities for us is to preserve leadership, dynamic development, reliability and stability.

TechnoProgress confidently solves the problems of Russian and foreign companies of all sizes, arising in a rapidly changing economic situation both in Russia and around the world. Our customers trust us, since they highly appreciate an integrated approach to the work, quality and timely execution of projects, professionalism and high level of responsibility.

More than 10,000 companies, including Uniliver, Hyundai, Cadbury, Rusal, Lukoil, MAN, Norilsk Nickel, Royal Canin, Auchan - this is far from being a complete list of our clients. We guarantee absolute impartiality and objectivity, meanwhile, the constant improvement of our professionalism is the key to the highest quality of our services.

We feel a deep responsibility to the society we serve, measuring success not only by financial indicators. It is also very important for us to know how the result has been achieved. Considering the opinions and wishes of its customers carefully, the company is constantly growing and improving. We aim to make cooperation with us easy and productive, without changing the basic principles of our activities: individual approach to each and every client, the provision of a high quality of service, and the performance of the assumed obligations.